Exclusive Commissioned Artwork: Personalized Just for You

I'm known as Happy Art Chick on social media, and my real name is Camille Enkeboll. Originally from Los Angeles, I spent 11 years living in the North East before making a recent move to Sarasota, FL.

As a commission-based artist, I specialize in creating bold custom portraits and pairings. My groundbreaking mixed media techniques blend pop art and sparkle, resulting in stunning pieces. I meticulously research each commission, ensuring that every detail holds deep meaning. By immersing myself in the subject matter, I create captivating and personalized artworks.

Prepare to be enthralled by my exceptional and electrifying art as Camille Enkeboll, the Happy Art Chick, where each commission receives dedicated attention and meaningful transformation.

Join my waitlist now to secure your spot for your own custom portraits. These artworks make the perfect gift for that person who seems to have everything, adding a unique and personal touch to their collection.